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Steven Marra

West Virginia University
Web Developer
I'm a Jack of All Trades, Master of Some.

On the werk side:

My day job is at WVU. I've been a trainer, a Sys Admin, and now a Web Developer.

I'm INCREDIBLY proud of the work our AwardU committee did on our employee recognition program for Information Technology Services at WVU. I was recruited at the beginning, and given an opportunity to be myself in this process. That's huge. The committee hasn't exiled me (yet) for giving them 2 and half years of unadulterated, full-strength Steve.

If any of you know Kathy Fletcher, we're from neighboring areas in Southern WV. And now, as I type this, I realize I forgot to bring my copy of Joking Hazard! Nooooooo! I thought it would be a great alternative to Cards Against Humanity... She said it's kind of a SIGUCCS thing now.

On the personal side:

I've got a BA in English (writing emphasis) and an MS in Journalism (photo-documentary and conflict resolution emphasis).

I love tech, and nature, and chocolate, and am fortunate to have friends and family that believe in me.

My off-hours job is as a Bowen Therapist.

My lifelong dreams are to stumble into being a voice actor, and to finish the 4 or so novels I have scattered about.

I love my wife and daughters so much- sometimes it hurts. They're all amazing people.